At Midwestern Aligner Orthodontics, we treat people of all ages (yes really).

Recent years have seen a dramatic increase in the demand for orthodontic treatment amongst adults of all ages. The aim of treatment may be to either correct a problem that has existed since childhood or to fix something that has developed as an adult. A really common reason for adults having orthodontics is that they had braces as a teenager, but have experienced changes in their teeth or bite as the years have passed.

Orthodontic treatment has become more socially acceptable for adults thanks to advances in more discreet appliances like Invisalign. That’s right, tooth straightening can be done without braces these days. In fact, Dr Leen doesn’t use full-mouth traditional braces in Ballarat. So if you want to improve your smile or bite with Invisalign clear aligners, Midwestern Aligner Orthodontics can help you! Learn more about Invisalign here.

Most adults in today’s society tend to lead busy lives. They often have a tight schedule, balancing work commitments with family lives. Fortunately, with Invisalign you only need to visit our clinic in Ballarat every 6-10 weeks. The development of digital scanners like our iTero has made the process smoother for patients (learn more about the scanner here). The scanner allows Dr Leen to create a 3D image of your teeth and the Invisalign can be designed and then manufactured from the 3D image. The scanner means no more messy impressions (“moulds” of the teeth) and it speeds up the process of starting treatment.

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