Invisalign Aligner Costs

How much does Invisalign cost?

invisalign versus braces

The cost of Invisalign at Midwestern Aligner Orthodontics is comparable to traditional braces elsewhere.

How much does orthodontic treatment with Invisalign clear aligners cost? This question is very often asked of our reception team over the phone. The reason orthodontists do not have a standard price for treatment with Invisalign or braces is because there are many things to consider when it comes to the cost.

In life, the aspirations and needs of people are different. Orthodontics is the same, as you and your teeth are not the same as those of a friend or colleague. it’s quite difficult to have a standard cost or give a quote online or over the phone without seeing the patient in person and assessing their individual needs. Orthodontic treatment can have varying levels of complexity, different appliances needed, straightening just some teeth or all teeth, and with or without other procedures undertaken by other dental specialists or dentists.

Once the orthodontist has assessed your smile and bite, you will be provided with a cost for your Invisalign treatment. Book a consultation and let us help get you started.

Payment Plans

Many patients choose our flexible payment plans to pay for their orthodontic treatment. We offer a variety of deposit options and then spread the remaining cost over many months to make your weekly repayments affordable. Let us work with you to find a suitable arrangement. We want to make you smile, so aim to make it work for your budget.

Get the best result, not the cheapest.

If cost were the only factor in orthodontic treatment, it would make sense to go with the cheapest option. But just because someone else can “do Invisalign” cheaper, does not mean you will get the same result. Invisalign is just a tool that Dr Leen uses. It is knowledge and experience behind the use of this tool that makes the difference in how your treatment will turn out.

When you make an investment such as orthodontic treatment, you want to get it done properly. Choosing just on price is like giving the cheapest builder a toolbox and some materials and saying “renovate my house”. They could probably do it, but the process and outcome will be very different in quality and hassles depending on the builder’s training, experience, their team and equipment.

Dr Leen is an experienced specialist orthodontist. Think of a specialist orthodontist being like a master builder. A master builder is going to have a completely different method and result to a home handy person. It makes sense to invest in an orthodontist who has the necessary experience and right equipment to get the job done correctly.

Discounts to reward your trust in us

Paid in full Discounts

If you pay for your treatment in full prior to starting you will receive a 5% discount on the total cost.

Family Member Discounts

We appreciate you trusting us to care for multiple family members, so if a second member of your immediate family starts comprehensive orthodontic treatment with us, we will give you a 5% discount. The family member discount is 2.5% if you add it to the paid in full discount.

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