Aligners Vs Braces

We compare the traditional braces method against the clear alternative, Invisalign.

invisalign versus braces

Invisalign is less intrusive and virtually unnoticeable.

Invisalign aligners look and feel very different to braces – aligners are certainly a more discreet tooth straightening option. Aligners are also very lifestyle-friendly. You can expect a great smile at the end of orthodontic treatment with Invisalign or braces.

Braces you can see, made from metal bits are what most people envisage when you mention braces. This technique has been around over 100 years, but just like most things, advancements in technology and materials has led a revolutionary new way of straightening teeth. This new way is called Invisalign and it is taking the orthodontic world by storm.

In Ballarat, Dr Leen wants you to experience the most comfortable and aesthetic way to improve your smile and bite, so she only provides treatment with Invisalign aligners.

Invisalign aligners are removable. This is a great feature which means you can:

  • Maintain your regular oral health routine every day
  • Be camera-ready for special occasions
  • Be confident throughout that big business meeting or presentation
  • Take aligners out for your dental checks and any dental work
  • Remove aligner out to wear a protective mouthguard for sport or to play a woodwind/brass instrument

But… you do have to be diligent in wearing the aligners to ensure a great result.

Read more about the differences between aligners and braces:



Braces are glued onto teeth and so cleaning your teeth takes longer. With aligners, you remove them for cleaning, so cleaning your teeth is just like normal. This makes it easier for you to maintain healthy teeth and gums during your orthodontic treatment.



Braces are activated once every 6-10 weeks. Patients with braces usually report tooth tenderness for a few days after adjustment visits. Invisalign is a bit different as you change to a new aligner every week, so patients report less tooth pain with aligners.



Braces tend to catch food particles when you eat. Whilst this can be embarrassing, it also isn’t great for the health of your teeth to have food particles hanging around between cleaning. Aligners are removed for eating, so eating is not much different to before orthodontic treatment (except that your teeth are getting straighter!).



Traditional braces use brackets and wires to guide your teeth into position. These wires are not only obvious to look at, they can also poke into your cheeks. Wires can be trimmed and made more comfortable but that means a trip to your orthodontist’s office. Aligners don’t use wires, so you won’t have extra trips to trim anything. This time-saving and comfort feature of aligners is an important consideration for busy families.

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