Dr Amanda Leen, the orthodontist behind Midwestern Aligner Orthodontics in Ballarat recently spent her Saturday morning in Melbourne lecturing to colleagues. Dr Leen was invited to speak about an area of dentistry she knows a lot about, namely the developmental defect of teeth known as molar incisor hypomineralisation (“hypomin” is a bit less of a mouthful). Her thesis during specialist training was about how orthodontists can help children with hypomin. Orthodontics isn’t just about making teeth look great!

Amanda shared the science behind the condition as well as some practical tips for fellow dentists and dental therapists who have to deal with these “chalky” hypomin teeth. Since Dr Leen has treated lots of kids with hypomin, she could step her colleagues through how orthodontics can be of assistance to these patients and save them from a lifetime of costs associated with caring for compromised hypomin teeth.

Any families wanting to know more about hypomin should check out the website by The D3 Group.

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