In some cases orthodontics can correct jaw alignment.

At your consultation, orthodontist Dr Amanda Leen will not only review how your teeth look and fit together, but also the position of your jaws. Sometimes, the reason why teeth aren’t straight is because the jaws that hold the teeth are vastly different sizes.

In some cases, the best way to achieve an ideal bite, smile and facial profile is to combine orthodontic treatment with jaw surgery. This collaborative orthodontic treatment also involves an Oral Maxillofacial surgeon.

You might have an “overbite” where your top front teeth are way forward of your bottom teeth (by the way, orthodontists actually call this an “overjet”). This is often due to a smaller lower jaw. If the difference between the jaws is only mild, moving the teeth around with aligners (or braces) can get a good result so your front top teeth sit against your lower teeth and your lips fit over them well. But in other cases, where the lower jaw sits quite far back from the upper jaw, having corrective jaw surgery may be the way to achieve the best result.

Other people have a smaller top jaw and protruding lower front teeth. Again, sometimes it is possible to achieve a good bite and smile without surgery, but for some people the difference between the jaws is quite large, and just moving teeth around won’t get them to fit together or result in a pleasing smile.

If your Invisalign treatment should be combined with jaw surgery to get the best result, Dr Leen will advise you. Then you would discuss with a surgeon before starting any treatment.

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