Invisalign Treatment Steps

Does Invisalign sound too good to be true? We understand the curiosity, this is why we have put together a quick outline of how the Invisalign treatment steps works.

Treatment Steps Explained

Learn about the path to straighter your teeth with Invisalign at Midwestern Aligner Orthodontics.

Step 1:

To start the process, give us a call.

Before your first visit you need to have some full-mouth x-rays (our office will help you arrange these). It is also recommended you have had a general dental check-up within the past 12 months.

Tel: 03 5332 6225


Step 2:

Orthodontist appointment with Dr Leen.

At your first appointment Dr Leen will discuss what you want to achieve with your orthodontic treatment. With this information Dr Leen can then customise a plan that suits you or your child. Your first appointment will include:

  • Your teeth and jaws being thoroughly examined. Photographs will also be taken.
  • Dr Leen will formulate your treatment plan and discuss with you.
  • For some people, additional advice or treatment from their general dentist or another dental specialist might be needed before proceeding further.
  • You will usually get a quote at this first visit.

Step 3:

Appointment to scan your teeth

  • Over about 10 minutes we will scan your teeth with our digital tooth scanner, especially designed to work with Invisalign
  • This doesn’t involve any impressions or x-rays, it’s a detailed 3D video of your teeth and bite
  • You can actually see a simulation of your teeth straightening right after the scan

Step 4:

Smile Design

We can show you what a 3D model of you new smile will like.

  • Behind the scenes, Dr Leen uses the latest software to design the movement of your teeth.
  • You will be emailed a 3D model of your new smile.

Step 5:

Appointment to get your aligners

Fitting of your new aligners, at this visit you will see your new aligners for the first time.

  • Get your aligners and start straightening your teeth!
  • This involves placing temporary attachments on your teeth (small bumps of tooth-coloured material) Without these your aligners won’t achieve your goal For more information please visit our “What is Invisalign?”

Step 6:

Appointments for aligner checks

  • You only need to attend every 6-10 weeks for Dr Leen to check your aligners for around 10-15 minutes, so it won’t take much time out of your day
  • How many visits will it take? That depends on how crooked your teeth are. We will be able to give you an estimation when we do your smile design

Step 7:

Hold that smile

It is important that your new smile stays in the same position. When you and Dr Leen are happy with your smile, you get retainers to hold your teeth straight.

Teeth have a kind of “memory” and always want to move back, so retainers are very important to keep your new smile in the correct position.


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