Our aim is to make each visit an enjoyable experience as you move toward your new smile

Before your first orthodontic visit

Please fill out this New Patient online form to help make your visit with us more efficient.

You will also need to get some x-rays of your teeth and jaws. These are different to the ones your dentist takes in your mouth. The x-rays are needed to make sure your teeth and jaw are healthy enough to have orthodontic treatment.

What will the initial visit be like?

You will meet Dr Amanda Leen to discuss your smile and bite. Amanda will thoroughly examine your teeth and jaws before describing what treatment/s may suit you. Because everyone’s smile, teeth and jaws are so different, detailed photographs of your smile and teeth will be taken to allow Dr Leen to thoroughly plan your treatment.

Before your initial consultation concludes, you should have your treatment plan (or at least an overview) and a quote for treatment. Since we want to make sure you are comfortable, we leave plenty of time for you to ask questions.

For more detail on the process you can expect if you move forward with treatment, please visit our Treatment Steps page.

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