Did you know that about 35% of people are born without wisdom teeth, and their “nickname” of wisdom teeth (they are actually called third molars) comes from the age when they usually appear 17 to 25 years of age, which is know as the age of wisdom.

These are the big chewing teeth (molars) that grow right at the back of your mouth. Some people are naturally missing wisdom teeth, so if you want to know about yours, ask your dentist. You might need an x-ray for the dentist to be able to tell you if you have them. The x-ray below shows all 4 wisdom teeth (arrowed), and the bottom ones are impacted (stuck).

If there is enough space, wisdom teeth grow into the mouth at about age 17-20. Often, there isn’t enough space so people have them removed. If you need your wisdom teeth out, a dentist might recommend you see an oral surgeon. An oral surgeon is a specialist dentist who has years of extra training in removing wisdom teeth (and other important stuff like fixing broken jawbones and helping people who have cancer in their mouth).

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